Sid / Fox Brain Service

Hi, all. I have a 2019 Epic Expert (purchased brand new in 2021 as old stock at my LBS) and I’m due for the 50 hour suspension service. Are the steps required for working on the Brain suspension significantly different than non-Brain models? As far as I can tell, I’m only replacing fluids, cleaning dust wiper seals, and re-lubing said seals. The technical docs on Sram’s website make no mention of the Brain models. Can someone here point me in the right direction?

The brain can only be serviced by specialized.

I get that, but does the 50-hour service even involve the Brain? Or is it just a simple clean/ lube/ inspect?

Even the 50 hour service involves the brain

Got it. Thanks for the feedback. Guess I’ll be taking it to the shop.

The brain is just the damper- you don’t tough the damper or spring on the 50 hour service, regardless if it is a brain damper or charger damper or whatever. You can do the 50 hour service with the Brain, just not the 200 hour (or just the unique service that the brain does require).
The tech videos can be frustrating because the Sids with a brain look a little different.
I have a bottom adjust brain damper, which requires taking off the adjustment knob and a long 10mm socket because everything is recessed deep into the fork legs. I also use a tubeless syringe* to inject the suspension fluid for the same reason. A few more tips:

  1. Make sure you get the correct suspension fluid AND seal grease. This is in the SRAM owners manual. (For me, 0W-30 and Rockshox dynamic seal grease). Again, videos can mislead you.
  2. When draining old fluid out, you can shove paper towels into the bottom of the fork to catch the fluid instead of trying to aim and hit a drain pan.
  3. Buy new foam rings. You can clean and re use the ones that come out, but save that step for after doing the service rather than during when you have parts everywhere. Also I don’t soak the rings because they are harder to install when soaked. I do soak them after installing using a syringe.
  4. To get the lowers off, you have to hit the bolts with a mallet pretty hard, it can be unsettling, like you are going to break something.
  5. When the lowers go back on, make sure the outer seal is sitting correctly on the uppers before tightening everything.

*Not the same syringe I use for my tires.