Speaking of doping

Did any of you catch the mini/funny drama that played out on Strava yesterday when current pro mountain biker and ex-UCI World Tour Pro Alexey Vermullen took a KOM from the world’s most notorious amateur doper, Thorfinn Sassquatch – and the doper asked him if he was using an eBike?

Hilarity. Sad, but funny.


Hadn’t heard of him. Interesting read though: https://cyclingtips.com/2016/03/who-is-thorfinn-sassquatch-the-mysterious-case-of-a-los-angeles-strava-legend/

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And for those like me who have no idea who he is

Awkward! :laughing:

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He does this every time one of his KOM’s gets taken. Same comment, always “E-bike?”

The guy is a a sad washed up troll. Just block him and move on with your life.


For those familiar with Phil Gaimon, Phil spent the first year of his retirement (and did a video blog of it) going around LA trying to take back all of this guys KOMs.

PS - Alexey Vermullen took 2nd in the Iceman MTB race last year behind Geoff Kabush. He used to ride for Lotto NL Jumbo. (I know the Iceman is a well known race on the TR forum)

PPS – The KOM above is called “Lower Sullivan Climb” on Strava. It’s in the Santa Monica Mountains outside Los Angeles

I actually didn’t know that. Still…seems funny to say it to a world tour dude.

I actually follow Alexey, that’s how I came across it. I’m a fan of all the Michigan and Chicago cyclists of any repute… see: Alexey Vermullen, Larry Warbasse and TR’s own @jdoldham11

He still has a few KOMs in my neighborhood that I’ll go snuff out one of these days.


Use an ebike!


Haha. I’m from Michigan so I ‘know’ Alexey. He’s good for a kom any day.

Fascinating story. Living that lie every day would tire me out way too much to allow me to be a good cyclist too