2nd hand aero wheels - advice on choice

Hi all

I have a (fortunate?) choice to buy one of two sets of used carbon aero wheels that are pretty much the same cost. Both disc brake.

  1. Mavic cosmic pro carbon sl 40mm deep

  2. Bontrager Aeolus comp 5 TLR disc 50mm deep

Internet searches come up saying both are ok so I’m looking for guidance from those who know, as to which might be the best choice.

Doubt I can go wrong with either but interested to know if there are any reasons why one might be better than the other for my circumstances.

Obviously I will check condition etc but both have had light use so are in a decent state

I’m 6’3” and currently 92kg and my riding is mostly road based in the uk. I’m ok at basic to moderate bike maintenance (eg spoke renewal etc) in case that has a bearing. Tyre choice will be either Conti GP5000 or Schwalbe Pro1 - both 28mm and tubes rather than tubeless. Bike has Shimano Ultegra mechanical shifting with cassette being 11-32.

Wheels would be my ‘good’ set for summer and fair weather use and my current set would become my bad weather / winter set.

Thanks :+1:t2:

Go with whichever one has the biggest internal width. My guess is it will be the Bonty’s.

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I don’t think the Aeolus comp is all carbon rather Aluminum rim and carbon fairing. Would still have them 8 days a week over Mavic