New tubeless wheels, Bontrager or Hunt?

I have been considering new wheels for a long time now and I’m really close to making a decision. But I need help.

I have never bought a new set of wheels and find all the options overwhelming.

I am planning on running them tubeless. I have absolutely no experience with tubeless so I will be needing help from a bike shop to get them set up

I have narrowed my choices down to:

Bontrager Aeolus Pro 5 TLR Disc
Weight: 1720g
$1500 CAN on sale

  • Purchased through local shop, so they can help me set them up.
  • Easier to deal with a physical shop
  • heavier than Hunt
  • Recognized name brand👍

Weight: 1487g
$1439 CAN

  • Online ordering comes with possible issues (if there is a problem etc)
  • People seem to love them but, they are also compared to cheap china wheels
  • Longer wait time

Can anybody help with my dilemma? Anybody have experience with either of these wheels specifically?

Same. I’m a heavier rider so my key criteria became: a) high weight limit, and b) warranty. So my 2 cents is to add the warranty to your list of considerations.

On my Domane the stock Bontrager alloy wheels were around 1750g (I think), and on climbs I can feel the difference spinning up the new wheels that are 1550g. Not a huge difference, but can be felt.

Just to muddle things more you should look at Woven wheels.

Likely fairly close to the Hunts but you don’t need to worry about paying duty on them and are dealing with a Canadian company. I know a number of people with them and all seem to like them and they have been trouble free.


No direct experience, but none of my Hunt-owning clubmates have had any complaints and have nothing but good words to say about them.


I have Bontrager TLR wheels (Affinity) and the tubeless setup is rubbish. Tyres unseat whenever I deflate to add sealant. I’ve just bought a set of Token Konax Pro Dusc and I’m very happy so far.

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Wow ok, thanks for the heads up.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

One of the biggest differentiators, for me, is customer service. I own 2 sets of Hunt wheels and no complaints about the wheels at all. They perform great.

My experience with their service team has been excellent. I received my Aero30s with one of the centrelock nuts that was missing and they sent me 2 new ones within 24hrs, no charge. I recently felt my rear bearing were a little ‘rough’ (after 10000km+, including Flanders, a 1600km LeJOG on back roads…so they’ve taken a beating) and Hunt sent me new bearings no charge when I simply asked to confirm the bearing size.

Just a great team of people and obviously care about their customers. I’ll buy another set down the road, guaranteed.

(I’m Canadian too :wink:)


No worries. Now I’ve had a bit of experience with tubeless it seems to me that there’s not enough of a ridge to keep the tyres in place and the initial stretch over the rim doesn’t hold them tight enough in the channel to allow easy inflation. I’ve ended up having to buy an Airshot as well as adding a layer of tape on the Bontrager TLR strip that is supposedly designed for these wheels.

The Token wheels inflated with a track pump. So tubeless can be easy but clearly needs the right combination to work

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I live in Oz and ordered a pair of Hunt Carbon Aero 50’s which I have been riding since Nov 18. I love them compared to the stock Giant SL0 32mm wheels previously. The 50’s slice through the cross winds better than the previous 32 wheels. They roll exceptionally well, I notice on descents when everyone is freewheeling I tend to be passing people all the time.

I have not gone Tubeless yet as GP5000 were not out then and I had only just purchase a set of 28mm GP4000.

Customer Service wise I have only really had interactions during the buying cycle and they were very responsive.

and if you like a loud free hub then the Hunts are your answer, I am conscience when riding past houses in the morning as I am afraid I will wake people up.

No experience with Bontrager


So true. They are quite the buzz. No sneaking up on people with a set of Hunts!


Another vote for Hunt. Second to none customer service. From they experience they take care of and appreciate their customers. Sort of like another company we know. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely be ordering another set from them.


Thanks for all the replies. I think that settles it then. Hunt it is👍

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What are you looking for in wheels other than tubeless? Light for climbing? Durable for heavy weight? Larger volume tires for road or gravel? Aero? Easy to mount tires? Common or esoteric parts - impacting ability to easily service? Playing nice with your favorite tire (since there is no universal tire standard - I feel like there are peanut butter-chocolate pairings and those that are more like pralines and D*ck).

In the US, I have been considering a LBS shop build with Light bicycle rims, NEXT cycling, and November cycling builds.

Bontrager for sure

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I’m looking for it all obviously🙂. Light, aero, cheap.

Seriously though, I guess I’m just looking for the best all around wheel that I can afford. That being said I have a few wants/constraints:

  • Tubeless
  • Disc
  • 28mm tires

All in a package that is heavily constrained by price. I would also like to keep the weight under the stock wheels that I currently have. I don’t find my bike all that light.
My wheels:
DT Swiss P1850 SPLINE db 23
Quoted, 1596g

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Your current wheels are pretty darn fine for lower-mid value. I have the E 1800s, and am pretty impressed by them compared to the Axis wheels on my Specialized Diverge. I would hesitate to spend as much $ on the wheels you mentioned and expecting something much better - especially around weight or hub quality.

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I just bought those exact Bontrager wheels with GP50005TL 28mm tires tubeless. LBS set them up so I can’t comment on install. I’ve got about 50 miles on them and so far they’re great! Saturday will be my first race so I haven’t raced them yet. Warranty is two years no questions on them. Guy at the LBS ran one of his over with a car on accident and they replaced it no issues.

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@llmonty brought up an interesting point that I hadn’t considered. I understand that my current wheels are not terrible. Am I expecting too much from the Hunt wheels that I am leaning towards?

As I mentioned earlier, my current wheels are:

DT Swiss P1850 SPLINE db 23
Quoted, 1596g

These wheels came stock on my 2018 BMC Teammachine. I have assumed that new wheels will make a significant difference in feel, and performance. Pretty much everything that I have read says upgrading from stock wheels is a great idea.

Can anybody else offer their thoughts/experiences. Is it worth upgrading at all from my current setup?

I don’t want to drop $1500 for just better looks (although they would look pretty sweet😎)

I would probably stick with your stock wheels. Going from 2000 grams to 1500 grams is going to be pretty noticeable. For your though. I don’t know if you are going to “see” the value in what you are spending. Keep in mind there is more than just weight to think about when switching wheels.