Sore calves during VO2 max workouts

Hi all,

I am 29 years old and have been using TR for the past 6 months with great success, increasing my FTP from 231 to 289. I am currently doing the short power build mid volume, and after the first 4 weeks I got a 10 watt increase in FTP. After that the workouts have been completely destroying my calves. They start getting really sore early in the workouts, and it usually lasts all the way through. It kind of feels like I`m getting shin splints as well (is that even possible by riding a bike?). I have never had a problem with this before - my quads and hamstrings have always been the limiters.

Since I first noticed this after starting the second half of short power build with a new FTP, I am thinking it`s either due to the increase in FTP or the large amount of VO2 max and anaerobic workouts in the plan.

Keeping in mind that I have had a pretty quick increase in FTP, is it possible that my muscles haven`t been able to keep up with my aerobic development, and that they are simply too weak? Could it be that my capabilities at VO2 max have not been developing at the same rate as my threshold capabilities, and that my VO2 max is lagging behind? Or are VO2 max workouts just particularly heavy on the calves? Any other theories or suggestions are welcome.

I should point out that I haven`t made any changes to my bikefit or cleat placement, and that I have been able to complete the workouts (barely).

First thing that comes to mind - flexibility and the kinetic chain. Anything happening above? You more tense? New pillow?

Consider shifting your cleat as far back on the shoe as the mounting slots will allow. This reduces the load on the calves. You should also look at your saddle height to check for over extension, which will require more effort from the calves.