Sore ass from lots of climbing

So for those that do long rides with lots of climbing - do you suffer?
What have you learned so you don’t?

Because I have a stupid ride I have attempted twice - but failed twice. ( full route is 380KM and 9600m )
mainly due to been broken / weather / safety.

So the route has a lot of climbing - and a lot of the climbs are 20% - 33%.

My bike fit is ok with a normal ride - but because i end up winching up the hills i’m finding i’m getting a sore ass from chaffing / not stitting properly.
A large saddle bag makes it sway when standing, which means i generally sit.
I have suitable gearing lowest was a 31t front with 40t rear

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have you tried dropping the saddle nose down a few degrees to be more level when your bike is tilted up?

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I doubt much will stop something becoming sore with that much climb and time in the saddle, chapeau :clap:

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thanks - i already run the saddle nose down more than normal for my back… and any more i’d start sliding off the front on the normal sections.

This is something that i experiement with - but won;t be doing this route will next year now as the weather would be too unpredictable… and although i like type 2 fun, it has to be fun at some point

  • This seems like something to address. Lack of ability to stand with some regular frequency is a recipe for discomfort on longer rides and efforts. Even without changing or fixing the bag, I’d guess that standing for even short breaks (like 10-30 pedal strokes) every 10-15 mins would be a benefit vs extended seated riding.
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i did stand when i could and often rolled the decents standing up… it was a gentle pace so no need to smash every section.

the sore bits are definatly from sitting too upright on the top of my bars ( not hoods ) as my neck and shoulders were getting tired… More strength training over winter is needed to allow me to hold a “better” position for longer.

Its all for a bit fun anyway :slight_smile:

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  • Good point. That is key for many of the riders I see for bike fits. Insufficient strength can really show it’s head in medium to longer duration rides. That “whole body strength” aspect is real deal and something I have personally adopted to good results in the last year.

Here’s to hoping that and any other changes you can make will get you fully comfortable :+1:

thanks - after a bike fit earlier in the year i have done stretching several times a week and i can do a silly ride like this and still be able to get on and off my bike.
beside the usual aches of riding for hours and hours i don’t feel too bad.

I just hate gym work - its so dull - but needs must

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