Sonny Cobrelli in hospital following Volta a Catalunya sprint

While I am sorry to hear about your FIL, that is one case…not data. There have certainly been cases of adverse reactions to the vaccine, but they are extremely rare and hardly constitute people or athletes “dropping like flies”. The benefits of the vaccine far exceed any risks.

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If we’re blaming drugs for a cardiac event in cycling, there’s a lot of other more credible and well evidenced drugs associated with heart problems that cyclists have been taking for a long time before COVID showed up… Not that I would go so far as to suggest that would have anything to do with Colbrelli, it sounds like he was off with bronchitis before this and plenty of other things could have caused it.

But cardiac events in pro cyclists have occurred from time to time. Michael Goolearts for one.
Colbrelli probably would have had a cardiac screening, as I think that was brought in after Goolearts died, but I think even then the demands of doing something like an all-out sprint could still bring out something undiagnosed.

Family of cyclist Alex Jones reveal the ‘devastation and ongoing pain’ a sudden cardiac death leaves | Cycling Weekly worth reading - and getting a screening if you can. Someone from my club died in a very similar way a couple of years back.


I got screened on Friday…while my hard plague score was 0, I was also diagnosed with an aneurysm. Waiting to hear back from my doc on what, if any treatment, I undergo. Radiologist who read the screening said no follow-up was needed.

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I know those “weird” cardiac issues surface from time to time - Viviani comes to mind, and another cyclist I’ve since forgotten who also had time off in the last couple of years for a heart procedure/maybe the same ablation as Viviani. Seems like those were noticed with arryth/tach before a full-out arrest.

Still. Good grief. How scary.

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I think there should be a bit of transparency regarding if an athlete has just recovered from COVID or not - seems to me that there might be a few cases of athletes rushing back after recovering from COVID and if there are side effects from doing so people should be made aware.

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Lol this thread. It started off fairly well wishing him the best and hoping that everything is okay for him and the peloton in general. Now…

To keep things on topic, I hope we find out what is genuinely wrong so that that can be avoided both in the pro and amateur ranks if possible.


Not sure if it’s who you’re thinking about but I remember Andre Cink (sp?) had a issue while leading a world cup mtb race. I think it was around 2019, can’t remember the details though.

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Not least since COVID (and other viral infections) can cause myocarditis which could easily lead to that kind of thing.


I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that many endurance athletes suffer from some sort of heart issue while pushing hard, they just don’t talk about it for one reason or another. I recently learned that I have aortic tachycardia, likely brought on by stress/adrenaline. When I explained how the palpitations feel to the other guys on my group ride, several of them said they feel the same thing from time to time but just attributed it to a pounding heart.


It would make sense that population outliers operating on the extreme end of the cardiac spectrum are going to experience unusual side effects. If anyone knows of any scientific studies that explore this, I’d be interested to read. It seems like a lot of the data I come across is limited to lower level or untrained athletes, so it’s difficult to paint a physiological picture of someone in the top 0.001% of endurance athletes.

I imagine if you’re part of the fastest guys in your local area, you and your riding buddies may be susceptible to health and/or cardiac problems that an average weekend warrior never experiences. But this is just conjecture, the body is a complicated system to say the least.


The good news is the doc leading his care team is an expert in common and rare arrhythmias. They’ll figure it out.

I feel bad for him just as his career has been on an amazing upswing. This could be a career ender. If the docs don’t exactly pinpoint the problem and fix it, they will suggest retiring. That’s going to be a tough decision.