Accidentally a less worse moment to get COVID

So, this probably falls under “irony” or something…

Wednesday I tested positive for COVID-19, after two weeks isolating from my wife when she tested positive.
The flu symptoms have hit me hard on Thursday and Friday, so I’ll be out of training for at least a week, maybe two (or more?).
We’ve been fine and safe for two years until now, and I’m finishing my first 12-month stretch of structured training.
I had my second XCM race of this season scheduled for Saturday, which I obviously needed to cancel.

Here are the twists:

  1. Weather in the Philly area is so bad this weekend that the On The Rocks XC and XCM race was canceled due to weather, so I don’t actually miss it because of COVID.
  2. Weather is so bad that I’m not going to lose out on great Spring riding opportunities this weekend either.
  3. With the next XCO World Cup race this weekend, I can watch it without regret!

I just thought it was interesting…


You are definitely a glass half full kind of person. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Thanks. It feels like more of a “there’s nothing I can actually control here, so I might as well make the best of it “.

I’m not nearly this optimistic in other situations :rofl:

I’m in Philly too, the weather is total crap, and it seems like everyone has covid here!
I haven’t heard of this xc race and would love more info if you can point me to a site?

It’s part of a local series called the Mid Atlantic Super Series. Here’s the website for the full Mid-Atlantic cross country mountain bike series.

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