Software engineering/tech YouTube channels to watch on trainer?

Maybe a bit off beat for the forum, but my cycling session is winding down :man_in_lotus_position:, autumn is approaching :maple_leaf: and I’ve got to start thinking about base training - which in my area means a lot of indoor trainer rides.

My go to entertainment would normally be music :guitar: but this year I thought I’d try a watching work related conferences and videos on YouTube :tv: (podcasts also welcome)

I work in the softrware engineering industry so any recommendations for channels or specific speakers with be welcome.

I’d like to go broad, so all languages, technologies, architectural approaches and philosophies welcome.

As a start, I’ve found the GOTO conference channel, which looks like it has a good range.


My go to for long rides is the Security Now podcast. You need more Info Sec in your life. GRC | Security Now! Episode Archive  

I had totally forgotten about this - been years since I listened to anything on the TWIT network.

I’ve added that to my list. :+1:

from my viewing history and subs:

ndc conference
chaos computer club
DevTernity Conference

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