Smart Trainer Power Adjustments

Hi Do any smart trainers have the facility to adjust the reported power to that of an external power meter. I’m not talking about Power Match though. I’ve got a set of Faveto assiamo Uno’s on my road bike and a Stages single sided on my MTB. I’ve adjusted the Faveros to report the same as the Stages using the feature on them and I’d like to do the same with a smart Trainer so they all gives the more or less the same power numbers. Thanks

Do you have a third (or fourth) bike without a PM? If you only use bikes on your trainer with PM’s, there’s no need to match them.

Stac Zero Halcyon allows you to do this via their app.

I want to have one bike permanently on my trainer but don’t want to “waste” a PM on it.

Thanks - I was thinking of that one. Ordered one today.