Smart trainers feeling heavy

So i have wahoo smart trainer i have recently purchased it but the thing is that i am seeing people that there trainer is going very smoothly and there pedal strokes are rotating very fast and smooth and whenever i train on my trainer i feel very hard and the pedal strokes are like very not smooth type so is it because of my wahoo trainer because it has heavy flywheel or is there anything else please guys let me know what’s wrong and i am telling this because i am a professional cyclist but i am actually new indoor trainers so thats why i am asking please let me know

Sounds like your wahoo is broken.

Depending on the model riding a bike on it should feel very similar to when you ride outside.

Which wahoo do you have, how are you controlling it and do the power numbers it measures seem correct?

And what is the gearing on your bike, and what gear are you in?

So i have smart trainer v6 lastest but i don’t think it’s broken and the app the use zwift or wahoo app and as you said you should feel same as outside so is it true because i am feeling heavy so what it is any solution?

Gearing its like normal 15 14 16 round

Do you have a power meter on your bike so that you can check if the Kickr power matches (within 1 - 3%) of your on bike power meter?

1st test. Do not plug in the trainer. Hop on and pedal. Use different gears. You should feel like riding on the road after the fly wheel spins up.

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Based on your previous questions, I definitely wondered!

So i will definitely try spining up the smart trainer first and then plug in because nowadays i just plug it in the trainer and than roll so i will try this one and just a question that does rolling up in start really matters? And for power meter currently i am not using my power meter because it is not working so i am using the inbuild power meter on smart trainer and so i want to know that does smart trainer makes the difference because in wahoo you have heavy flywheel and on other trainers like ex- tacx Garmin they have magnatic inbuild flywheel so does that makes difference?

From reading through your various posts it doesnt sound like your kickr is working correctly. It kind of sounds like the drive belt has slipped and adding extra resistance.

It really doesnt sound like you are doing anything wrong.

The Elite Suito can clamp on the brakes hard on Start Up in ERG mode (it defaulted to it) and you did need to toggle to Resistance Mode fast to get things going but fortunately TR have altered the App so it remembers it was in Resistance Mode last (instead of defaulting to ERG).

How exactly are you using the apps to control the trainer?

In Zwift, are you:

  1. Riding around in the virtual world (which would be called Sim Mode)?
  2. Performing workouts in ERG Mode or Slop?

In the Wahoo app, how do you have it controlling the trainer?

So i have brand new wahoo trainer so i Guess there will be no belt issue that you are saying and second thing i am feeling that sometimes my trainer adds resistance without anything like i don’t control tye resistance the roller automatically adds up so i guess that’s the issue so why it is happening like

The heavy fly wheel makes it smooth. It’s not there to add resistance.
It’s also good for arm workouts when moving it about a room

In my humble opinion it is more likely that you have received a faulty trainer than it is that a pro cyclist would have any difficulty at all turning the pedals on a working one.

Ride it unplugged and report back what it feels like :+1:

Okay so i have done come test and what i did is after pairing it up with wahoo app i set the roller resistance at 0 than my roller was going very freely and after pairing it on zwift also the roller is going smooth but in between like when i was on a loading screen or when i did not open the zwift app my roller was again adds resistance so why it is adding resistance in between because i am seeing everyone’s video’s and searching everywhere in internet but there roller doesn’t add resistance like that and on zwift races also they are like pedaling like smoothly and there watts speed is also High like there roller is spinning fast as they are applying power

If you are talking about the training being plugged in to power, but not connected to any controlling app, there is a certain level of progression to the resistance that exists in that state.

Are you using it powered but not controlled for any specific reason? It sounds like it does exactly what we’d expect when connected to a controlling app (Zwift & Wahoo), which should be what matters most.

Okay i got it now thanks everyone for replying so you mean to say that the trainer has some resistance when its not connected to any controllable app

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Yes, as you see when you pedal with:

  1. Light feel without power connected, once the flywheel is moving.
  2. Appropriate & associated power to the connected app and resistance assigned from it.
  3. A middle level of resistance powered without a connected app.

All three of those will give a different feel. 1 & 3 in particular since the presence of power sets a baseline level of resistance that seems intended for use “unconnected” but mimicking the feel of an old “dumb” trainer. That #3 can be the way it is while not messing up #1 or #2, and is not a sign of a problem as it seems this post was aiming to consider or address.

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Got it thanks everyone for replying