Smart Bikes - Which ones allow you to toggle between TR ERG/ Resistance Mode during workouts?

I am in the fortunate position to be considering purchasing a Smart Bike. I have a number of key features I want in a Smart Bike (which will replace my OG Tacx Neo) with one of them being the ability to swap between TR’s ERG Mode and Resistance Mode during a workout on the fly.

As such, can anyone confirm if any of the 4 main Smart Bike options (KICKR, Wattbike Atom, Tacx Neo or Stages SB20) currently allow you to do this?

I have searched around the forum and it appears you might not be able to with any of them unfortunately…

This works on the SB20, I usually switch to resistance mode during sprints and it works fine.

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Thanks! The SB20 has just had a considerable discount in the UK also… follow up question if I may - how are you finding the ERG mode stability etc…? Some forum threads reported this was not great but appreciate there will of been firmware updates etc since.

I don’t really have a frame of reference here since it’s the only smart bike or trainer I’ve ever used, but it seems fine to me, I don’t have any complaints. I generally have no trouble hitting my power targets, unless it’s a very short interval (less than a minute). Here’s one from a VO2max workout I did last week:

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Thanks! Seems to be a lot more “noise” than when I compare it to a similar length VO2max interval using my OG Tacx Neo - albeit I am sure we are not comparing apples to apples etc. although I don’t think I have any smoothing on etc.

Sounds cool :+1: With my dumb smart trainer I’ve done workouts on the laptop so I could toggle, when I’d rather have it running on the phone and save the larger laptop screen for watching YouTube etc.

Quick note on this: you switch modes in TR, not the SB20. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is a manual switch you need to do. You cannot create your own workout that automatically switches modes from ERG to Resistance or Resistance to ERG like the TR created FTP Tests (e.g., 8 minute, 20 minute) do.

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On review, I just couldn’t see past the considerable discount on the SB20 in the UK at the moment so have decided to take a punt on one of them. Having read TR forum threads on the bike and watched a few in-depth videos it certainly seems to tick all the boxes for me so looking forward to it arriving! Thanks for help @gesteves and @AlphaDogCycling


Sorry @gesteves and @AlphaDogCycling you might be able to answer a quick query for me please…

I use Favero Assimoa Duo pedals. I trust I can still use these with the SB20?

Eg. I can use the pedal as the power source connected to TR alongside the SB20 and use power match?

Just like I do with my existing OG Neo?

I don’t think so. The SB20 has its own, private version of PowerMatch, where it is using the crank Stages power meters to do power match. So in TR, you connect to the Stages SB20 bike, and there is no power match option available.