Sleep for Nate (and the rest of us)

On a recent podcast Chad was mentioning his love of quick post-lunch naps, Nate was remaking on how tough it is for him to get to sleep. Nate, I was going to email this to you directly but instead decided to share with everyone.

I’ve been practicing and improving on this technique for the last few weeks to fall back asleep with huge success, I’ve been an insomnia sufferer for years and this has been a life-changer:

How to Fall Asleep in 120 Seconds - The U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School developed a scientific method to fall asleep day or night, in any conditions, in under two minutes. After six weeks of practice, 96 percent of pilots could fall asleep in two minutes or less. Even after drinking coffee, with machine gunfire being played in the background.


Thank you!

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