SL6 seat post wedge bolt keeps coming loose

Should I loctite this? It’s giving me hell, every ride seat post slips. I thought maybe it was torque at first so got a new torque wrench, (6.2nm on the SL6), and that didn’t help. Tried two brands of carbon paste (Park and Finish Line) and they haven’t helped either.

I notice now it’s the bolt that’s always loose!

Loctite or something else?

The manual says to use anti-seize compound on the bolt. Have you taken the whole wedge assembly apart and reapplied anti-seize, grease and carbon paste to the components? Loctite sounds like the opposite… LBS can order you a new wedge assembly if it seems defective.

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I have anti-sieze paste here, but I think that would make my problem worse, it’s a mild lubricant. I want the bolt to sieze! How can the wedge be defective though, I mean it’s just fancy shaped bolts and screw really. You don’t think loctite would be the way to go?

I ordered this frame in from Italy to the UK (wanted this Euro colour) and there’s no hope in hell I’m even going to bother trying to get customer service out of an Italian bike shop! (haha sorry Italian riders here, but you know the score!).

Just in case anyone ever searches and has this problem…

Well Specialized emailed back after a couple of weeks to say this is a known issue, and they’ve made a new wedge/bolt which doesn’t shake loose. Original was a touch lighter and made from titanium. They sent out a replacement for free, although I haven’t tried it yet as the Loctite fixed it in the end.

Also! They followed up with a second email a week later saying they’d searched the product manager’s notes and found the slipping posts were fixed by increasing torque beyond 6.3nm as stated in the manual - you can go up to 8nm, but not to exceed 8nm!

This is something I’d done myself, and found that 6.5nm sorted it for me, though it’s now nice to know my post isn’t about to explode as I’ve exceeded the manual’s torque.

Hope this helps someone in the future!