Cube gravel seat post

Wife’s new bike arrived yesterday.
Set it up fine, started to torque the seatpost hex bolts to 5kn and stopped early because it started to feel tight. Same happened on both. After finishing setting up decided to re adjust the seat post height but couldn’t move either of the bolts at all. Tried different hex keys but still it they won’t bite the bolts and just seem to slip. The heads don’t look rounded yet. Have you advice on on to losen the bolts? I fear that they might be damaged and I don’t know if this is my fault or they are faulty but I don’t want to cause any further damage. Could this be caused by overtighting then? I honestly didn’t tighten them much only using a small torque wrench and stopping short of the recommended minimum torque.Im gutted about this happened but don’t feel I apllied enough force to cause damage. Any advice?

Hard to tell from the available online photos, but is it a Torx bolt rather than a hex bolt? They can look similar from just a superficial look.

Could very well be, I’ll have to check. Any easy way to get it lose if I have rounded them? Please tell me I haven’t ruined the bike.

I have used a Dremel in the past with a cutting wheel to cut a straight line through the head of a bolt so I could use a flathead screwdriver to remove it. This was after exhausting other methods of course.


If it really is a ruined head, these can work well.

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