Are wedge-style seatpost clamps and non-round seatposts more prone to creaking and slipping?

I haven’t really been able to find a thoroughgoing discussion of this, so I thought it might be worth raising the question: Are wedge–style seat post clamps used with non-round (e.g. aero or D-shaped) seat posts inherently more prone to potential creaking or slipping seat posts? I’ve always only used traditional round seat posts and now I’m considering a Tarmac, but read some worrying forum posts about issues with creaking and slippage

No - well at least not on my 2 Planet X TT bikes that I have had - you do need carbon paste (on the old one) but the newer one had a sand paper like surface on the seat post - no issues - that said I have heard of a few on Orro aero bikes but I don’t own one…that said I don’t earn enough as a teacher to buy a Tarmac in the UK so not sure about them :grinning:

Thanks! It would be a relatively inexpensive older (2018) Tarmac SL6 for me :smiley:

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