Skip intervals on mobile device

Is there a way to skip an interval when using the mobile device? I searched and read about pausing the ride, but that didn’t work. I was doing Lion Rock and the rest interval is 10 minutes, wanted to make that shorter due to a time crunch.

You tried the mobile option like this?

Mobile App

  1. Pause the workout or do this before the workout starts.
  2. Press on the full size workout graphic, at the location you want in the workout (or use step #3 below).
  3. Press and hold, then you can slide forward or backward. Release when you get to the location you want in the workout.
  4. Press “Play/Pause” or start pedaling again to resume the workout at the new location.

Yes, I paused the workout, and was pressing all over the screen, nothing happened. Android if that matters. Will try again today.

I just did a test and it works as described above on my Galaxy S9 Android app.

Got it to work. I think i was pressing on the wrong screen. Thanks.

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