Ski Mountaineering - Roadbike preparation

Hello, I am a enthusiast hobby athlete (45 years) in Ski Mountaineering. Running, Trailrunning, MTB, a lot Roadbiking are my preperation sports. In average 10-11h/week and 172.000 positiv climb meters in 2019. I want to improve my training quality on the roadbike
with Trainerroad. I wondering, witch TR plan I should choise for a better preparation next season

Looking forward to your answer

By my simple maths you are doing over 300m climbing per hour. I would like your advice :grinning:

@SeeEl 300m/h … no, my vertical speed last year with a roadbike was 1050-1150m in one hour.

I would say it depends on your mountain biking, what sort of mountain biking do you participate in?

Most training plans suggest starting off with Sweet Spot and if you are new to this type of training start with the low volume plan. Listen to your body, if you feel fatigued don’t dismiss it. Get good sleep, eat well.

What to do after base depends on your exact goals and since I’m not a MTBer that I can’t help with. Nothing says you need to have your completed base-specialty plan in place now. Start with base and keep watching the forum and listen to the podcast.

Thought this was going to be about GCN’s video on skimo that went up two days ago. Have combined nordic skiing and cycling for years, and a couple seasons ago added a rifle into the winter mix just for fun. Biathlon is a whole new adventure!


@Hampstenfan So, GCN Cyclist is going for skimountaineering, right? They explaining Skimountaineering.
I do skimountaineering as a race competition. Going uphill 600-1000 meters as quick as possible, or as a „grand fondo“ with 3-4-5 uphills in a raw… (1500 - 3000 meters)

So for the next season, I looking for a Trainingsplan in TR to follow from March on.

@framness What If i want to chance the volume of a plan after couple weeks?