Sit bone soreness from long intense outdoor road rides

I’m looking for advice on how to resolve painful soreness with my sit bones after an intense long outdoor ride. I find that the soreness is related to the intensity. Last weekend, I completed a 122 km Gran Fondo (with 2100m of elevation) in 4 hours with an IF of 0.85, and by the end of the ride, my sit bones were very painful and tender and a week later, there is still some soreness left.

I had similar issues with my previous saddle, an Astute Skyline VT, which broke a week before the Gran Fondo. The Astute saddle was selected through a saddle fit service with a bike fitter. I selected a Specialized Romin EVO Pro (143 mm) as a replacement saddle given it’s similar shape to my previous saddle. Unfortunately, this new saddle did not address the sit bone issues for long, intense rides.

I find that longer rides at lower intensity doesn’t bring on the same sit bone soreness compared to higher intensity. With this most recent Gran Fondo, I found that by hour 3, I was squirming in my saddle; try to take the pressure off my sit bones. I was wearing 7mesh MK3 bib shorts with Assos chamois cream.

(For reference, I am 183cm / 6 ft tall and 77kg / 170 lbs).
I would love to have this issue resolved; I could look at returning the new saddle and selecting a new model; but selecting the right saddle seems like a daunting choice with so many models available and it takes a hard road race to actually qualify whether the saddle will actually be comfortable.

For me Mirror variant did the trick (Specialized Power saddle). Really expensive but after started using it, haven’t got any issues anymore, even indoor.

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This could well be a fit issue….if you could post a side view of you on the bike (after you have warmed up and while doing a decent effort), that would help us better evaluate your problem.

Have you tried measuring your sit bones?.. you can use a bit of that crinkley cardboard stuff, sitting on a staircase, and look at and measure the indents.

I need to do it myself!