Sit bone pain during long trainer rides?

Whenever I do some endurance(zone 2 easy) rides I get horrible sit bone pain.

It begins 30 minutes into a ride. Do I need a new saddle? I don’t experience any numbness which seems to be the problem most people have.

It helps somewhat going out of the saddle but it tires my legs so much that I have trouble finishing 2.5hr sessions.

Some reference info to review:

As an additional point I need to add to the other thread. It is common to have pain in lower power workouts vs higher power workouts. This is because the higher power demands lead to more force in the legs that effectively lifts our bodies a bit and reduces the pressure on our sit bones.

So, “easy” rides often hurt more and/or sooner than “hard” rides. See the thread for suggestions to relieve the extra pressure.


I have the same problem on long rides. I only noticed the issue on 3+ hr rides. The solution for me is a saddle with more padding. Most saddles today unfortunately are minimalist, no padding. I’ve tried over half a dozen different saddles to try find something comfortable for long rides. The one consistent thing on the most comfortable is that they have more padding.

Doesn’t sound like sit bones, sounds like perineum to me. Do you have pain sitting in a chair?