Sit bone pain on left side only...only when off the bike

Hi all

This sounds weird but I have what feels like pain on my left sit bone, but not when I’m on the bike. It’s actually hard for me to isolate it, but I can tell you it hurts a lot when I sit on a yoga ball.

Any idea what is injured? Thanks!

I had a similar injury with swelling. The doctor did an ultrasound and found nothing. He speculated that it was a burst blood vessel. I took two week off and then started riding again with two pairs of shorts.

You could have just bruised your sit bone. Hit a pot hole or something?

I ended up doing all my base miles on a Selle Anatomica saddle because it was the cushiest saddle I could find. I eventually settled on SQ Lab Active saddles because they rock side to side. I definitely favor the left side.

Good luck.

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Which pocket do you keep your wallet in?

If I have too many gift cards/carrying actual cash and depending on my pants it can kind of tilt my hips to the side, putting more pressure on the left sit bone in my office chair


I actually don’t wear my wallet in my seat pockets anymore. In fact I’m considered to be a dweeb in my family because I bought vests and jackets with tons of pockets to hold all my gadgets :hugs:.

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could be high hamstring tendinitis, I got it a few years back but was running related not cycling afaik

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I’ve got this , but on the right side. No issues when on the bike, not losing power, but when off the bike quite sore. I’ve been riding the trainer for years, first time I’ve experienced it, it must be related to a strain or stretching issue, hoping it goes away soon.