SIS Electrolyte Not Palatable to me, help

I got my hands on some SIS for like 50% off and thought I would give them a try. I’ve used lots of other products but never SIS. Anyone else find SIS Electrolyte to be very non palatable? Similar to when you have way over concentrated gatorade. Chalky and acidic. Only way its okay for me is half the water to powder recommended and ice cold. Which seems counter productive as hot weather is when I had planned to use it.

Any-who…. Maybe someone has a way to make it better? Add some base to the acid mix? :joy: I have 2 boxes and a tub. :man_facepalming:

I’m curious, which flavor did you get?

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I find their GO Electrolyte powder, the 150cal per serving kind, in lemon and lime flavor, to be a bit too sweet. But it’s also understandable, with that many calories. And I’ll take sweet over chemical tasting calories any day.

SiS Hydro tablets, on the other hand, are my favorite electrolyte and I tried just about everything on the market. My favorite flavor is strawberry and lime.

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I like SIS gels but we are all different.


Good point. I have the Electrolyte Go orange and lemon/lime. I agree with comments that everyone is different. The orange seems cause the most pallet challenge for me. Just don’t recall such acid flavors in other products. Just curious if someone creative on this forum knows a way other than watering it down to minimize the acid. At 36 g carbs a serving, if I have to water down it starts to become challenging to get my carbs per hour.

It is actually good stuff but I can only take it at 50 to 60% recommended strength. Try backing off how much you use when you prepare your drink.

I’ve tried quite a few brands now and must say the best tasting products so far would be Enervit’s and Namedsport. I received >10 WT team samples, Cofidis, Qhubeka, DQT, Bora, AG2R… you name it, and tried the lot, from gels to carb powders etc. The winner was hands down Namedsport from AG2R in addition to Enervit UAE use, and I’ve been using for some time already (Isocarb Lemon). It’s of course a matter of taste, and all brands carry their own flavors. I’m not the biggest fan of SIS.

PowerBar red fruit are also quite tasty but on the sweet side.

i bought a tub of SiS lemon lime hydro mix and thought it to be waaay too sweet. I question anybody who thinks taking a sugared hydro mix as that tub of stuff is and then decides to add an artificial sweetner at the end. I took the advice of an amazon review and added extra lemon juice to it to make it more palatable but never again on the tub o’ sugar hydro from SiS. The lemon go tabs however are repeatable but aren’t designed to have so much freakin sugar. As for tubs/bags of sugar hydro mix I do like Nuun and Skratch. Lemon lime, lemon matcha and more recently their peach flavor is pretty good.

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Lots of ways to make your own drink mix (also low cost)

I like the 2:1 Gatorade to Maltodexrin personally - been my go to for a year now, but there are a several other recipes to flavor to your taste

yep, i’m a fan of that gatorade and malto mix combo. i fall back to that occasionally, or gatorade and gummy bears. :joy:. i’m always on top of the Maurten sales. Way too expensive normally, but its a killer product IMO if you can get it on sale. i have great results on their 320 during epic adventures.