SIP Clean Air 200

As a roadie with the race season up in the air, and the couple 70.3’s I was going to try this summer all delayed and with some serious extra fitness accumulated so far during shelter in place, figured I’d take a day off work for my own event of sorts, I’m calling it the SIP Clean Air 200 - it’ll be my first time breaking the 200 mile mark. Anyhow, thought I’d share my route and planning below for anyone who might be interested - my longest ride so far was a 10hr roller session with one break (7hrs+3hrs) which gave me a good sense of IF I can handle and nutrition etc…Also have done The Death Ride. Given the rollers have no stopping or coasting I expect this at an additional two hours to feel somewhat similar, the biggest difference perhaps being the last 40 miles where it’ll likely be hot (high 80’s). Shooting to hold about 200 watts normalized (.68 IF) and finish in 12hrs moving/13 elapsed. I originally planned on doing this self supported but my dad graciously offered to drive sag for me, so I’ll be able to keep what I carry minimal to each leg of the ride. Should be be some good suffering fun.

Route: (note: I made it just short of 200 with the thought I’ll cover that either making a wrong turn, nature breaks or around the block at the end)

Estimated time table :

1- 4:00 am : Departure

2- 7:50-8:10am (Hours 1-4) : Oakville Grocery - Mile 70 - Swap 2x Gu bottles and 2x Waters (10 minutes)

3- 9:55-10:10am (Hours 4-6) : KJC’s - Mile 97 - swap kit / reapply sunscreen / bottle / food - Longest stop at 25 minutes- on road at latest 10:30

4- 1:25-1:45 pm (Hours 6-10) : Alpine Dam Mile 155 (15 minutes)

5- 3:30-3:50 (Hours 10-12) - Mile 185 - Top of San Pablo Damn Road climb (optional 5 minutes)

6- 4:50-5:20 - Finish! Pizza!

Estimated total moving time: 12 Hours
Estimated elapsed time: 13 hours
Estimated total work: ~8k Kcal

Nutrition : broad goal of 300-400 calories/hr / 7-90g carbs/hr = 4,500 calories intake on bike, plus breakfast and stops should get to ~6k cal on the day and full replacement by dinner.

-Try to separate these for easy swapping. Estimates expenditure of ~700/cal/hr = ~8k calories

-Try to finish all carried nutrition for each leg on bike or finish off at next rest stop.

1- Breakfast : Bagels (300cal / 80g carbs), oatmeal (300 cal/ 70g carbs) and coffee = 600 calories / 150 g carbs

2- Hours 1-4 (c arry: 2x gu bottles, 2x water bottles, 2x bagels, 4x waffles ): 1/2 bottle Gu mix (125 cal, 30g carb/hr) with 1x waffle/hour (150 cal/ 22g carbs/hr), 1/2 bagel w/jam /hr (130 cal/25 g carb) + 1/2 bottle of water /hr = 400 calories/75g carbs/hr. Total of 1,600 cals / 300g carbs

@ Oakville eat Banana, Fig bar package (200 cal/37g carb) and finish any unfinished bottle of Gu

3- Hours 4-6 ( carry 2x Gu bottle, 1 Water, 1 fig bar, 1 waffle, 2 gu’s ):. 1 bottle of Gu/hr (250 cal/60g carb), 1 fig bar (200/37), 2 gu (100/23 each), 1 waffle (150/22)= 1k cal/165 (500/83/hr)

@ KJC’s Eat PBJ, potato chips, trail mix, fig bar or waffle and take down bottle

4- Hours 6-10 ( Carry 3x bottles of gu mix, 1 water, 8 gu’s, 2 waffles, 2 fig bar ):. 3/4 bottle of gu/hr (180/45), 2 gu’s (200/45), 1 waffle for 2 of /hr (150/22), 1 fig / hr for 2 hrs (200/37) = 400+cal/120/g cabs (this will likely be over my limit but good goal)

@ Alpine Dam Eat PBJ, potato chips and bottle

4- Hours 10-12 (Carry 3x gu bottles, 6 gu’s, 2 waffles): 1+ bottle /hr (250/60/hr), 2-3 Gu’s /hr (200-300, 50/hr) = 400/90-100/hr

@SPDR try to eat some potato chips and swap bottles if needed

Estimated total moving time: 12 Hours
Estimated elapsed time: 13 hours
Estimated total work: ~8k Kcal