Rapha Ambitious 220

Anyone else doing this in June? I figure a solo rode wherever you want to go is one event that will definitely happen so I went ahead and signed up.


Link for those that had no idea what this was (like me :wink: )


Looks fun and a great cause! If I can get a free weekend I’ll do it.

So it’s counting down, and it’s dawned on me I have to cycle 220 miles next month. Yikes!

Anyone else take the plunge on this?

Yep, I signed up because of your original posting :slight_smile:

As preparation I’m following Traditional Base HV, except prolonging Sunday long endurance rides, every week +20km. Taking into account coming recovery and VO2 week will reach to 240km week before RA220. So far so good, seems I have found my rhythm of eating/drinking during ride, don’t need any pauses (yet at least, with last 180km trip).

Haven’t found suitable IF though: 0.7 during 6hr is doable but did not feel good, with 0.63 left too much into tank, will try 0.66 next workout.

Event itself will coincide with end of TB3 recovery week. I guess will need another recovery week after that :slight_smile:

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220miles in one solo ride would be quite the adventure, I’m tempted to try this. It would be 40km longer than my longest ride so far, ooof.

I love the look of this but I’ve been off the bike a while and don’t think I’ll be fit enough to do it in a month’s time :sleepy:

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Well we are two weeks out now. Training is done, and just have a solid taper to take care of. I think gear wise I’m in pretty good shape as I’ve done a lot of 10+ hour rides along with some bike packing, so that part of this doesn’t trouble me much.

My main unknowns are really how hard do I push and where is the wall. I’ve done 200k plenty of times, but am a bit nervous pushing it out to 350k. Staying out from dawn till dusk is a much different animal than bombing a century and being home to rest in the afternoon.

How’s everyone else feeling?

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Last weekend was first time for me to go above 200km. Pushed to eat more than felt necessary (~300kcal/h). Initially thought I was overeating, it was slightly uncomfortable but it paid off during second half, managed to keep same IF 0.68 throughout whole ride.

Training plan goes smoothly. Switched from TBHV3 → POL base, from 3 hard days to 2 hard days and more LSD rides per week. Averaging ~500km / 15-16hr weeks. No proper tapering period. On week of RA220 will have 2 threshold + 1 chill ride + 1 recovery day before event itself.

Feeling eager :slight_smile:

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So I’m tired today

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Tada, done as well :slight_smile:

Moving time 11:15, pauses 1h + 30min slow cruising detour, visited old school. Better than I hoped for (12h), even though power was lower – aimed for IF 0.66, managed to achieve IF 0.64, without detour might have been 0.65 :thinking:

It was surprisingly easy, not harder than 200km preparation ride, just longer. Magic is in carbs. Usually for long Z2 rides I eat when hungry. This time planned it beforehand. Managed to consume 230kcal/h. Probably can train to handle more but for my usual rides this is enough.