Single speed and smart turbos

I have a SS roadie which I want to use on the turbo I plan to get (2019 Cyclops Magnus M2) will TrainerRoad be effective?

This will be my first smart turbo. The SS has got speed/cadence sensors. I’d rather not have to keep swapping wheels on the nice bike but if needed then it’s not the end of the world.

I don’t know much about the M2 in particular, but yes you should be able to use a single speed on a smart trainer. I took a different path to get there, but I have a dedicated trainer wheel and I have a single cog on there:

Since I’m on a smart trainer and I don’t change gears, it works just fine.

I’ve been riding my fixed on the trainer on and off and it’s been OK, with one proviso. Gearing is important - if the ratio is high then you may not be able to ride at a low enough speed to keep the power low in the valleys. My discussion thread is here:

Right now I’m using the geared bike on the trainer because the fixed trainer gearing needs a different length chain and I can’t be bothered to swap wheel and chain every time I want to ride a TT!