Fixed wheel bike on home trainer

I have just bought a fixed wheel bike as a cheap training bike for when I am away from home. Nice bit of kit and cheap as it was secondhand off eBay. However, I’d like to use it on a home trainer.


  • I’ll need some Tacx home trainer locking nuts to use it on a trainer
  • An old school mag trainer with resistance control by a cable would be better than a fluid trainer
  • There are no disadvantages to a fixie on a trainer.

Any thoughts? Literally sorted out the bike earlier with a different saddle, longer stem and wider bars. So not used it as yet.

I used my fixed gear track bike on my wheel-on Tacx vortex smart trainer and erg mode workouts were absolutely fine.

It’s about gear ratio. Get 90tpm to ne top zone 2 and you’re golden on a kurt kinetic.


The 120 rear spacing will be problematic. You’d need a custom spacer to get things aligned. Even then, horizontal dropouts would be a pita with something like a neo (getting chain tension set). A wheel-on trainer like a snap would be easier.

I’m a big fan of fixed gear on the rollers to work on fluidity. Most of my Z2 workouts last winter were on the rollers.