Single leg drills with flat pedals

I used Plan Builder for the first time today and did the first workout (Goddard). The single leg drills caught me off guard since I was on flat pedals. My first reaction was: feature request for Plan Builder to prompt if using flat pedals to avoid including workouts with single leg drills…

But then since I was already performing the workout I tried to use my nonpower leg to just nudge the pedal over the top so that my power leg could work. Interestingly, I found I was able to work on the downside part of the power leg stroke ( 6-7 oclock) with better feedback about performance than on clipless. So now I think it does help to do single leg drills on flat pedals, but I still think that should be a choice. Please consider whether a plan builder prompt about flats would be sensible to exclude workouts with substantial time on single leg drills.

I get what you are asking, but the reality of making that happen is quite unrealistic. The instructional text is coded directly into individual workouts.

Making that one drill optional (not to mention any other that people may want to bypass) would require lots of work, potentially duplicating workouts and such. That effort for what is a rare use case (flatties are far from common in this type of training) seems like a big ask to me.

As with any other drill in the catalog, these are optional and can be ignored entirely or replaced with more desired ones. Drills are always secondary to the main training focus and should be handled as such.

I would just not do the drill if you can’t or don’t want to. I skip some of the drills.

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All good. The post was just food for thought. Not surprised by your respose, Chad.