Simulated Hill Incline versus Maximum Watts

I’m looking to upgrade to my first smart trainer and am having difficulty understanding what the Simulated Hill Incline is. I’m currently thinking about either the new 4iii Stac trainer, the Elite Suito, or a Kickr Core. I’m looking for silent and easy to use. Also looking to save as much money as possible.

What I don’t understand is what this hill incline means. The 4iii is very intriguing but seems to have only about half of what the other two have on the incline number, but also seems to have a similar max watts (which are all numbers I will never hit anyway).

Can anyone help me to understand the difference here?

I am trying to find what I read a while ago. But here is a start.

Slope, video, VR and GPS
All Tacx bike trainers are spec’d with a maximum incline value. This value is calculated with a body weight of 65 kg (143 lbs) in reference to the “strength” of the resistance unit when cycling with 10 km/h (6 mi/h). It is important to understand that when your body weight is higher compared to the 65 kg (143 lbs), the maximum incline the trainer is able to simulate will be lower.

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Thanks so much! (Love TR and the podcast).

Based on the video and reading (which match my basic understanding of the physics involved) it seems that there should be a tighter relationship between the listed maximum grade and maximum wattage (assuming all the trainer companies use the same standard weight for the rider).

I’m 100 kg and know full well what that means when riding uphill, but based on what I’m reading here any trainer on the market should have no problem simulating the proper resistance for me. I recognize that TR doesn’t actually use grade but I know you folks are always upgrading the product so I’d rather be prepared for the future.

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I do some Zwift riding and my Kickr Core does just fine simulating moving 100kg uphill! Zwift has plenty of longish 6% average grade climbs and the Kickr has no trouble at all proving to me I am a large man. I’ve ridden short stretches on Zwift that are 15% (Giro TT course) and still no trouble with the trainer although I was looking for the simulated get off and walk mode :wink: The only climbing issue I have is I should be running a bigger cassette since its very realistic and you can end up in some hurt with the wrong gears.