FTP higher on inclines than flat stretch

The issue is that I tend do put out higher watts on continuous inclines than the same period on a flat stretch.

The effect is explained here: https://cyclingtips.com/2013/09/climbing-and-time-trialling-how-power-outputs-are-affected/

How is this affecting the result from the ramp test? Is the ramp test simulating incline or flat?

It depends on the inertia of your trainer (flywheel weight and flywheel speed).

How? The different results are from the same trainer. On virtual rides with high inclines I get higher watts than on same trainer on flat rides.

The inertia, how sluggish the pedaling feels, is affected by flywheel weight/speed or incline out on the road. Cheap trainers on max resistance with a low gear simulate incline riding (“pedaling feels like quicksand”). Expensive trainers on low resistance and a high gear simulate flat road riding (“real life road feel”).
You get better at the type of riding you practice.

Well, I use a powermeter, no virtual power, so result is real. Did you read the lik in original post?

Yes, I’ve read it, and known about the effect since before I read it.

Watch Shane Miller explain it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHUOhmG04M8

The ramp test itself doesn’t simulate a flat or inclined road. The inertia, kinetic energy, in your trainer flywheel does.

But maybe I don’t understand your question at all. The article you’re referring to however, I do understand.

I’m definitely faster/stronger on climbs than on flats. But I think a lot of it is mental, so I’ll never put that power down on a trainer.


Maybe I’m to blame, hehe. Previously I’ve only done tests in programs simulating high incline, with higher watts.

Which makes you a “climber”, the type who performs best at low inertia.

I’m using a Tacx wheel-on trainer, max resistance, with a power meter on my bike. It feels like pedaling in sand (steep hill). My outside riding is mostly on the flat. I don’t care much that my indoor training doesn’t feel like my outdoor riding - it’s cheap, quiet and I get fit.

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climbing out of the saddle will output more power because body weight is contributing to power output. And out-of-saddle also reduces muscle fatigue, but often increases demand on aerobic system.

I’m sitting when paddeling.