Silca Super Secret Chain Lube

Been there, done that! So have most of us at some point!


That’s my thing!

Nothing beats melted paraffin mixed with PTFE. Cheap too.

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Ha! Well done for admitting it, I did the same thing last time I changed my chain, couldn’t figure out why it was so damned loud, thought I must’ve made it too long or something so shortened it and had the same thing (but now the chain was too short).

All because I routed it incorrectly :man_facepalming:

My Dad always said “people who don’t make mistakes are people who don’t do anything”


For me, I couldn’t tolerate the dark color of MSW on my chain. I’ve reverted to pure Gulf Wax from the grocery story. Same mineral spirits clean, same crock-pot melting, etc etc. Just as quiet as MSW, and given the reality of never actually cycling with anyone alongside for all 2020, the loss of 1/1000 watt seems pretty minor.

Glad I’m not the only one! I later saw a Park Tools video I wished I had seen sooner :laughing:


OK, you are out of the Bike Mechanic Magician Club… for giving away one of the most important secrets for chain maintenance :stuck_out_tongue:

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The next Silca lube offering:

Thanks for the info Chad.

Personally I find the claims especially regarding the wear almost too good to be true (I lack the expertise, so no way to tell).

I do not intent to ever put a wet lube back on the bike. I ride mainly in dry conditions - if it’s wet I clean my bike afterwards and relube anyways. Wet lubes are dirt and dust magnets. I don’t see how additives will prevent that in real world conditions. Hence I doubt the wear claims. For the friction reduction I have less doubt that the additives help.

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Yeah, it will be interesting to see how this really pans out on a chain. I use Rock and Roll Gold, with similar application and wipe down after lubing on my road bikes. I am not totally crazy about getting it totally dry. So that part and the fact that it seeps back to exposed surfaces that catches and shows dirt. I may get some of this new stuff as a point of comparison for road use at least.


Weird. Mine feels much thinner than squirt

I can’t tell the difference between the two when riding, but the silca lube leaves more residue.

Interesting. How do you mix in the PTFE?

I melt the wax to form a liquid, then dump in the PTFE powder. The more PTFE, the better. Seems like about 1/4 to 1/3 of the PTFE in volume works well. Enough PTFE particles would be suspended when shaken/mixed to thoroughly cover your chain.

Dip/soak your clean chain in the solution, agitate, pull it out and wipe off all of the excess while still hot. Don’t make the mistake of leaving all the wax on the outside of the chain–just makes a mess and adds to friction.

Did you end up picking up the synergetic and use it over winter by chance? I use wet lubes nearly year round in the PNW. Curious about this stuff.

I do have the lube (3x bottles), but have not had the good weather to get the bike outside to clean the chain fully for proper prep, so I haven’t used it yet.

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Thanks. I might pick some up and give it a go $25 is a lot but I’ve spent more on sillier things… :nerd_face:

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Funny thing is the rear derailleur for GRX 1x and GRX 2x route around that tab differently.

I reached out to Silca about what lube for Unbound and they said Synergetic would be the one they would go with. Interested to hear your opinion on the product. I am a waxer but wax and wet gravel events dont mix well.

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I will sure report back after I get some use of it with my trainer bike and likely roadie outside for testing too.