Silca Super Secret Chain Lube

Nate, is chain waxing dead? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got mine on order, can’t wait to get those marginal trainer gains!!!


Only size available right now is 9 oz in a 12oz bottle…for $46.

I’ll pass for now.

I’d consider one of the smaller sizes, but no way I am dropping that much $$ for what is likely also the most wasteful application method (but also arguably the most beneficial :man_shrugging:)


so where is the testing? I’m surprised they would release this without it. Are they giving up on Silca NFS then?

In the video he says they’re pushing it out because most of the supply chain is affected by covid-19 and they’re trying to launch the product to pay them. And yea, looks like this is the successor to NFS.

I’m sure data will come at some point, could be that lab testing is impacted.

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Limited Edition Chain Lube? LOL

Short mention about the lube in this cast:

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Some discussion about the new lube: (starts at 2:55)

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Got my lube. I’ll put it on the waxed chain once it gets a bit more dry and needs some tlc. Just rubbing the silca stuff between the fingers it feels much thicker than squirt and it feels…very homogenized? Is this the golden age of lube?

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Just get power pedals and then don’t worry about the drive train on your indoor bike until either the chain snaps or the grinding noise drowns out Netflix :wink:


Any comparisons of this to squirt lube? Still love squirt as a touch up lube to a waxed chain.

I prefer it over squirt so far. When it dries up, it feels different and is easier to clean up. Squirt turns into a sticky black gunk that’s harder to wipe away. The silca stuff turns into a smooth, slick feeling black gunk that wipes off easily.

If they released the testing, it wouldn’t be “Super Secret”. Savvy? :wink:

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I’ve been using this lube since right after it launched and really like it. I have applied it in the shaker bottle after a full clean of the chain off the drivetrain, and then top it off afterwards with a normal park tool chain cleaner to clean off plus dripper bottle.

It’s really basically a wax that can be applied either way which is cool.

I’ve never used was before this, but my drive train has never been so quiet and the pedaling even fools smoother.

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