SI joint Dysfunction

Anyone else ride on here with SI joint strain/dysfunction?
I’ve had it for two years roughly & currently seeing an osteopath to try & reduce the inflammation & pain I get with it.It flares up from time to time & put paid to my 2019 season.I follow the mid volume training programmes TrainerRoad has to offer.I get tight glutes/ piriformis & QL muscles on left side probably caused by sitting for prolonged periods at work.I do stretches & strength core exercises to remedy this.

It’s important to get your SI joint reset if out of alignment. There are some ways to do it on your own, but a good PT or some massage therapists can also do this effectively.

The tight glutes and piriformis is very common in cyclists and something that can lead to a lot of issues including IT band problems. A massage therapist will be able to dig in these areas and work on the muscles, painful but effective. However it requires ongoing maintenance. The stretches will help but foam rolling and getting a lacrosse ball and massaging into the tight spots will also help. A massage gun can be another pretty effective tool to get into the tight, sore knots.

Just a little extra info to consider, but look up anatomy slings. Far too many people stretch the area of pain, but fail to realize that the problem is likely elsewhere in the body. In your case, the left side may be tight and the muscles shortened, but that also means the right side could be overly stretched too. Not just that, you could have tight rhomboids or serratus muscles that are pulling on the contralateral side, causing the left to be tight as well.
Anyways, not to make this a long reply, but it’s always a good idea to look at the entire chain and not just the kink. Good luck!


I suffered from really painful and inflamed SI joints. I wasn’t cycling at the time. I went through weeks of PT and never could get relief.

After an MRI revealed inflammation in my SI joints I tested positive for HLA B27 and was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Been on Enbrel for the last 8 or 9 years and have never felt better. I will occasionally get tightness in my piroformis.

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Piggy backing on this old thread, after a particularly miserable 50 mile ride yesterday I identified this si joint thingy as my problem.

Anyone in the UK dealt with this issue?

Over the last 2 years I’ve tried ice packs, anti inflammatory gels and pills and stretches and not a thing has helped.

Don’t know where to go with this during the current Pandemic climate we are living in. Don’t even think a doctor would see see me if I wanted him to.

I am not in the UK but this SI joint release changed my life. I dealt with it for years including dozens of visits to the chiropractor, physical therapists, and injections. May not work for you but once I found a way to release the tension the laxity in the joint decreased and now I rarely have any issues. When it worked for me I had relief instantly but it took a few years to get to this stage. I haven’t felt better in 15 years but YMMV.

I also find the release at approximately 3:00 minutes in this video helpful.


I have had this issue for years. I saw a PT about it a few years ago and she helped me with some stretches and exercises that do help. I find that the more I work out, the less it happens but when it really locks out, the only solution is a chiro appt. The above videos are great too.

Thank you so much!

It’s holding me back as a cyclist.

I’m fine for almost exactly 45 minutes then the pain starts building and I need to stop around the 60 minute mark as it’s just too much. I stand and stretch for 2 or 3 minutes and it dissipates, then 20 minutes later it comes back.

Yesterday it was that bad I could have crawled into a bush and cried😅

I am not from UK, make sure you do not have a leg length issue. It is important that when you sit on the saddle your pelvis is level. Make sure your saddle is wide enough to support your sit bones. I find gluteal stretches, and low back stretches helpful. If pain does not get better, and your MD feels your a candidate, injecting the SI Joint with cortisone can be beneficial. I hope this post is of help.

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