Show us your Car, Motorcycle, etc. [Motor Vehicle Appreciation]

Topic to share and discuss your past, present and even dream cars, motorcycles and other toys that go VROOOM!.

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The idea came from another thread!

Why dont we have a dedicated topic that discusses cars, title can be changed but why not show us your current car or modifications that you’ve done (washed it, bike rack, exhaust, turbo kit etc).

Maybe start discussing why X car in your opinion is better than X car.

Maybe pictures of something cool you saw at a car show?

edit I think motorcycles should be included also


I own a Euro repair shop and we currently have 10 vehicles… I’ve never blocked a thread, I might need to block a thread


My classics…
‘73 240z (4 speed manual). Except for paint and carbs (it’s got ‘72 round tops), it’s all pretty much original. The eventual goal is to fix all the rust and restore it back as close to original as possible.

‘78 BMW R80/7. Upgraded to 1000cc, 2 spark plugs per cylinder, electronic ignition (originally points).


Not technically mine, but still…


My current auto toy… 2004 MX-5 Miata, Base model with stock 5-speed manual, Bilstein shock & spring upgrade that includes the Limited Slip Diff., full “large Tupperware” body kit, Cobalt cat-back dual exhaust.

  • Pure expression of driving joy with real hydraulic power steering, no ABS, no TC or other nannies.
  • Rev happy motor, handling that is intuitive to make driving at the limit a “no-fear” experience of tail out shenanigans and big grins :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Here are a couple of pics with my dad at one of last years autocross events.


Hey! Stay out of the bike lane!


My 2nd moto, Tracer 9 GT taken at the top of Chinook pass near Mt Rainier


Midlife crisis purchase


I have lots of different vehicles ive owned or worked on etc.

I will kick off with a '98 Talon

A absolutely breath-taking beautiful '99 cobra with 10k miles

A '95 Eclipse

I have tons of other pictures of my cars somewhere, I have owned lots of DSM’s in the past. I will see if I can scrape together more later.


SWEET! I had a 2011 WRX hatch with the SPT exhaust. Hard to beat a proper boxer with a solid exhaust, especially during cold startup.


1980 Corvette, 383 stroker, automatic. These were pretty slow stock, I didn’t see much point in that. I had planned to buy a set of sea sucker racks to mount a bike to the back window, but still haven’t splurged on it. Pic was from when it got delivered, car is full of miscellaneous parts it came with.

I have a never ending list of small and not so small things to work on. But it runs well, so been taking my time on things.


Those new Caddy’s are damn amazing! That V8 on a hard pull is something special.

I’m a long time road coarse race watcher (and sim racer) and love the current crop of GT cars in particular. Watching the 24hr LM race coverage and down to the final 2 hours on DVR. ALMS is awesome but I also like the latest INDY series a fair bit as well.


How does the 240z drive (maybe compared to a miata, BMW z3, 240sx, Rx7 ND, or air cooled 911… and assuming all the bushings/joints/shocks/tires are working as expected)? I like the shape of these, I like sports cars, I like restomods… but you see something like that, you can’t really test drive a one.
I guess:
-How does it track on a modern road? Does the suspension feel competent or dated? Is the steering direct?
-How noisy is it on the highway (can you talk on the phone while driving it)? When running right, is it a car that you’d take on date night where you’d dress up a bit?
-How rigid is the chassis? Does it feel like a cheap body places on cart or a solid unit? does the body squeak? how does it feel going over raised railroad crossings? It’s not going to feel modern car solid, but can it feel 90s car solid?
-Does it feel sporty given that even a modern Toyota Camry feels sporty? When running right, if you let someone drive it, would they talk about how strange/dated it feels or how direct/light it feels?

I’m probably better off getting a Mazda RX7 FD, a 911, or something random rather than trying to make this feel like like something closer to those chassis/rides. Great shape though!

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Do you like changing clutches? We had a '95 SOHC NA FWD Plymoth Laser and it ate clutches with 125hp! Maybe it was my brother powershifting.

I’ll start off in year order, this is also my lifetime dream car, there have been others along the way but this was something I wanted since I was a kid. I’ve had it since about 2010 and driven it less than 200 miles since it is a hot mess. One of the other 10 cars has been retired and is now a donor for this and it will be getting a moderately built 1.8t and awd swapped in the next 1-2 years, Berg cup kit widebody to fit the donor cars track width.

Real dream car goes back and forth between a V8 R8 manual that I build a turbo kit for, or a 996TT (or obviously a 930 but those prices are never coming back). Hopefully have both at some point. In a past life I flew around installing superchargers on R8s. I also currently have a V8 R8 r-tronic in my shop for engine/timing chain refurb, taking a lot of willpower not to just offer him to buy it and converting it to manual.

I cannot recall if this is Alex or Eddie Vanhalens car, built both at the same time. Took this pic back in 2012? when I as installing the superchargers.


On the '95 I broke a total of 6 transmissions and I think about 8 clutch’s. That particular car made right about 650whp in '08. It had a trans/clutch combo by '10 that it didnt break, I however was able to get the trans out of that car in 45-mins since it needed so much servicing.

The '98 broke the same amount of transmissions and then it finally went to a dogbox for a year and then a auto hand actuated/controlled transmission. That car made about 1000whp through the auto.

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All the suspension bits of this car are original and now over 50 years old… pretty much everything needs to be replaced :slight_smile: plus the car has over 100,000 miles on it (I watched it reset to “00,000” myself… for a brief moment my trip read higher than my ODO).

Despite that and the lack of suspension damping, it drives like a small, light car. It has unpowered steering and the rack is surprisingly tight; point the wheel where you want to go and it’ll go there.

It’s loud inside. I have some rust through on the passenger floor so lots of road noise. Not much sound damping elsewhere either.

In the ‘70s it was an “everyman” sports car. It drives and runs like it was built in the 70s.

I have no experience with any other “affordable” sports car, so I don’t have much frame of reference.

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Agreed, the engine is phenomenal. I wasn’t clear but I’m lucky enough to be one of the drivers, they’re good fun to say the least!


Zoomed in on the only part of my car I care about :joy: