Show me your bike workshop setup!

I am about to transform my cold outdoor shed into a warm storage unit and a bike workshop. Now, I will have approximately 7m2 (3m long & 2,3m wide) of space allotted for the workspace. There was a thread for all the essential tools but I am looking for an inspiration to setup the workspace. All I have figured is that I’ll need a solid table but what else would you recommend for your dream workshop? Anything that I should take into account while building the unit and the workshop? I’d love to see pictures how your own workshop looks like!

Bike stand is far more important than a workbench…if this is to be a bike workshop?

I would start by lifting the activities you are likely to be doing in there, and work back from there :+1:

Yes indeed a bike workshop for basic maintenance. I edited OP more specific. Wall mounted bike stand seemed like a good idea I got from somewhere else.


Will try to remember to take a photo, but I’ve a bench mounted stand. I have peg board behind the bench for the tools.

I’m happy with my set up, but time is my enemy, so end up mainly going to my trusted mechanic!


Tools to hand, and everything in it’s place is a massive advantage I find. Much as I don’t do enough myself, I do more than when it was get the tool box out, set up the stand, go digging for the tool…


That’s funny, because time is what made me start doing my own wrenching! My local shop is always out 7-10 days on work. So unless I want to take a week off training, I have to get my hands dirty.

My small shop at home has to be multifunctional, so it’s pretty modular. I have a Park Tools mobile work stand, a tote full of allen wrenches and tools, a tote full of cleaners/solvents, and a tote full of spare parts and odds and ends. The totes are easy to pull off the shelf, and keep sawdust and grime off my tools. It’s not ideal but it’s convenient enough that I can easily mount my bike and do all my regular maintenance in about 10 minutes every two weeks or so, and it takes up very little space.


A little cluttered, but gets the job done.


My combination workshop/pain cave in the garage (for about another month, then I’m moving to a house where I’ll have my own heated/cooled basement):