Bike work stand recommendations?

Looking to purchase a stand to make it easier on myself. Anyone have any recs on what to get? Looking under $200 if not under $159 if possible for home use.

Thanks in advance.

do you want a work-stand or one for storage?

Work stand. Already have the storage one

If you go Fork Mount style, get one with metal joints. The Tacx one I have is a wiggly mess. This is the best for re-cabling though. I’ve got it mounted on my workshop table now, which is way better than having it on a base.

I’ve got a basic wall mount one clamp, and it’s very fine and always available.

I had a Park one with a wide V base and it was hassle to take out and took up too much space.

I have a crank-insert mini-stand, and it is great in the garage for day-to-day storage and washing.

Is the tacx really that wobby?

I have an ex-Ultimate (now Feedback Sports), bought it on sale in a shop that was closing. Equivalent to Feedback’s “Sport” repair stand. Ultimate still makes mike, speaker and keyboard stands, and it shows in the construction of the unit I have. Rock solid. The Feedback Sport version retails $175. The only thing it does not have a a quick-set clamp (it’s a spinner knob).

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I have the Feedback Sports Ultralight stand ($210 retail but can be found at a discount). It is much better (easier setup/teardown, smoother operation, lighter weight) than the low-end Park Tools stand I had before. Recommended.