Show me your "Aluminati" builds!

Thanks! HED Jet RC5 Plus.

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Sorry reviving the thread. How did u fit sram red bb30 crank into bb30A? I just had mine installed by local mechanic and the axle is too short. :frowning:

Just built up a CAAD13, found the frame new on ebay. Its a lot stiffer than my Argon 18 nitrogen was, but feels REALLY fast. I kept the mavic C40s, ultegra Di2, zipp bars/stem from the old bike. Black on black on black, just the way I like it!


Nice? Where is pic from Shenandoah?

thanks! Its Letchworth State park near Rochester, NY

Love it. I’ve been eyeballing a caad 13 frameset.


Nice, who did the paint job? Give them a shout out.

Thanks! Contender Bicycles in Salt Lake City, Utah can hook you up with the painter. He has done quite a few custom bikes for them. You can see some of his work on their Instagram page.

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Not unavoidable. My CAAD12 is 5 years old and has never creaked a bit.

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Can confirm, my CAAD12 from 2016 is also free of creaks by now, at least what concerns the BB.
One day I thought it could be the BB, but then regreasing the pedal spindles made it silent again. Also my saddle is prone to creaking due to dirt.
By chance: can anyone give a hint on how to avoid dirt sneaking between rails and the clamp of the seatpost? That’d be great!


so far its been great. It feels a bit more stiff/buzzy than my Nitrogen but nothing too bad. The only difference between the old bike and this one is the frameset, and the new one is 200g heavier, aero difference seems negligible at best.

Love to hear some advice from you guys, seriously considering getting rid of my high end carbon bike and building up one of these or similar;

I don’t race (apart from again myself for pb’s) and live in a flat area where the hills are short and sharp ramps for a few minutes, no long climbs but road conditions are generally very poor, I just like to get out for the fast club ride on the weekend that is 1.5 to 2 hours to the café and the same back, 50-100km with a couple of gran fondos a year.

I like the idea of something that is just fun and you can throw around corners, something that can be thrown in the boot (trunk for most of you) and just go out and ride instead of worrying how fragile it is, and trying to keep up with everyone else’s exotic standards.

How do you find comfort on rough roads and the added bit of weight compared to carbon? Should i just go for it?


That max rider weight of 90kg gives me pause. Don’t usually see it that low.

That said, I love the idea. Personally, I keep waffling on putting myself on a carbon frame vs continuing to hold out for metal one like this. The thought of caring for a carbon frame gives me pause knowing I can be rough on one.

To add to that, I bought a frame 2 years ago that doesn’t have a tapered head tube or thru axles and I regret it. I hesitate to open this can of worms, but I wouldn’t buy a new rim brake frame either.

If you want that kind of tech setup, why not buy used? The only thing you’d really be “sacrificing” is the t47 BB.

To your point about alu frames being less fragile, while I can’t speak for carbon frames my CAAD12 has picked up a number of dents over the years and I honestly have no idea where they come from. I’m not certain that aluminum is more rugged that carbon.


I’ve also dented an Allez sprint frame in the past. If you are buying a performance bike then, even in aluminum, they are going to be using thinner tubes to reduce weight and make them less durable. In general, carbon frames are actually gonna be stronger than aluminum in the engineering sense of stress vs strain. But aluminum will dent while carbon will break. That break will most likely require more force than the aluminum dent.

It kinda all comes down to the bike. My aluminum Allez Sprint is not comparable to my aluminum Trek Roscoe (MTB) just because they’re both the same material. The MTB is going to be vastly more durable (and thus heavier) than the road bike.


build finished, ultegra di2 & roval cl40s on a specialized allez sprint disc (sagan edition)


Awesome, I’m really keen to pick up an Allez frameset when they’re re-released next year to replace my CAAD12. Here’s a picture of the old girl on today’s ride


Im putting back together an old frame that was a half road half tri frankenbike a few years ago now. The frame has been hanging from the rafters ever since.

Today, remove the MASH bullhorns and tri mounts, added Deda stem, DNA handlebars, Campag Athena shifters, cables and campag cable housing for brakes and gears - god Ive forgotten how much I hate cabling, dont get me started on derailleur adjustment :rage:

But got it working well enough to do 30mins on Zwift :sweat_smile:

Shifting just about working, with a little manual adjustment yanking under the frame while riding :wink:

Its trainer worthy, but a ways from roadworthy yet!