Shoulder inflammation after bike fit - pause?

Hi folks,

I did a professional bike fit in April to solve my saddle soreness and rising knee pain - worked great, both gone.
After now four months I got diagnosed with an inflammated left shoulder, but also the right shoulder feels sore.
Could the reason be my more forward oriented “new” seating position on the bike?
In any case the doc advised me possibly not to ride the bike in this position for at least six weeks as all this threatens to become a chronical issue.

I am now quite disappointed - is that really necessary, any ideas how I can continue to workout on the bike anyway? Maybe just indoors on rollers?

Or: In case of really pausing completely. How much will that harm my bike fitness? He suggested to concentrate on light resistance indoor rowing, special workouts with (easy) weightlifting and stretching, and running (the later I hate).
Any suggestions how to pause (if necessary) and still work on my fitness?

I probably will have to redo the bike fit I guess, or is there a way to erase the pressure to the shoulder and not change my seating and knee position?


professional bike fit?

Yes, there is. The fitter should know that and should be checking your arm and upper body position.

Which part of the shoulder? Locked out elbows? Are you “shrugging”, and using your shoulders to hold your torso up? Shoulders should hang down. Bend your elbows, firstly, I think? It’s hard to really say, from the description.

High saddle to bar drop? Try raising the handlebars?

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thanks, yes, professional and there is no reason to blame rhe fitter as this is obviously a longterm problem emerging from longterm changed position on the bike. There is no way I or he could have anticipated the inflammation.

I let my shoulders hang down, do not hold the torso up.
Actually this the doc mentioned is the problem: By having the shoulders hang the pressure on the now inflammated region is high, too high.

The inflammation is located here, it is the upper tendons

There is a fair bit that can be done in terms of lever positioning, tilt, wider or narrower bars, etc that may improve shoulder comfort, without changing your fore/aft positioning. I’d speak to your fitter about options here.

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