Should your schedule workout match your progression level?

I’m in adaptive training and noticed my schedule workouts in my plan does not match my career progression levels. I thought being in “adaptive program “ the workouts would match the progression levels automatically. Are we suppose to pick and chose from the train now to replace schedule workouts? I was under a different impression about adaptive training of that’s the case

They are given in a range near where you are. Depends on the training plan you are in and what day of the week it is. I get some workouts way below PL because it is supposed to be a moderate or easy day, and some workouts a little bit higher than current PL because it is a harder day and the schedule is working to increase fitness.

They should mostly be listed as achievable or productive. Things can look weird around transition points, but it should adjust to what I said above by the time you get near the workouts. You can provoke changes by completing harder workouts than prescribed if you think/know your PL is too low. If you think it is too high, you can pick easier workouts and it will adjust down over time.

You also have to be on a plan-builder built plan for AT to do its thing. So if you’ve just manually added blocks, AT will not adapt.

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If you’re on a plan. Not every workout is supposed to push you. Some workouts are just meant to be building on that base you already have without pushing you to your limits.