How/when do AT Progression levels change?

Just started using Adaptive Training for couple of weeks.
Doing some Train now workout & will start a plan on 11/1.
I have my current progression levels, ie my SS is a 1.0.

Question is how do your levels change over time? If I do several SS workouts at productive and complete them successfully will I start seeing levels go up? How quickly?
Thanks for any insights

After each workout.

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Your Levels should adjust any time you complete a workout with a Level above your current Progression Level in the workout’s zone. The primary change will be to that workout’s zone (i.e. a Sweet Spot workout will have biggest effect on your Sweet Spot Level) but some workouts affect other zones too, to a lesser extent. They’ll also adjust sometimes when you struggle with workouts or when your FTP changes. Check out all our Adaptive Training help center articles for details—here’s the one on Progression Levels!

My haven’t changed, do you have to be in a training plan?

You have to have turned AT on in your account and have added a plan to your calendar using Plan Builder. AT currently doesn’t work with just adding a plan to the calendar, you have to use Plan Builder for this.

Are you saying all your PLs are still 1.0?

I’m not using Plan Builder. My PLs are changing and no longer 1.0. Let’s say endurance is now 3.5, TrainNow will suggest endurance workouts that are in the 3.x range.

Your levels should change if you have AT enabled on your account. I’m not using any plans and usually select one of the TrainNow options. PLs are updating okay. Also, check to make sure you’re survey responses are not showing as “missing.”

Reach out to so they can take a look.