Should PRs be in races or workouts inside and outside?

Hello to all,
99% of my PRs are in training workouts outside.
I wonder why not in races… would be better to have all PRs in races for best outcome.
Do you have the same observation?
Maybe to hard training in workouts and to tired in races?


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Running opinion - your PRs at specific distances are races - 5k, 10k, half, marathon, etc.

If you are talking about power over a specific time like 5 minutes that’s not the goal of your race. If anything you want to expend less energy than your competition and win.

Time trials would be a different story.


Power levels in races are the result of circumstances and tactics….they are largely reactive.

Power levels in workouts are planned….they are prescriptive.

I would expect PR’s to occur in training because you know what the workouts entail….they can occur in races, but they are very much situational.


Perhaps. Depending on the nature of the courses and race dynamics. I would expect to see some PR’s in races, depending on how much you race, could be the majority.

Some people are afraid to empty the tank in race scenarios. Sometimes for as good reason. That’s a factor as well

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My racing is Time Trialling so my PRs in race tend to be the longer durations. I think purely going on cafe racing, where my short PRs are if I doing racing that involved sprints more short duration PR’s would be thrown up. Indoor PR’s are somewhere in between for me. let you separate things into indoors and outdoors. I do this when I’m calculating Critical Power for TTs and only look at my outdoors records.

Thx for your good explanations.
And in non-TT races there are always in between lots of coasting seconds, which would destroy a PR. I understand now.

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Personal bests in athletics more often than not occur outside of the Olympics. A gold medal is worth more than a PB but coming second.

Depends. Short duration power is likely in training.

However, I race distaces from 80-130 miles and anywhere from 5000-11000ft in elevation gain and I set power PR’s for durations over an hour regularly. I dont find it productive mentally or physically to search out the depths of my limits for those durations while training. I absolutely agree with trying for the best result while using the least amount of power, but I’m just barely fit enough to hang on with the lead group in most races so I inevitability am working as hard as possible to stay there regardless if im trying to save energy or not.

Although, some of those hard race starts I have had some 10/20/30min power PRs hanging with Stetina or Blevins

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Also if you think about sprints, even if you finish the race with an all-out sprint for the win, you’re likely more tired than when you’d do an all-out sprint in training, because you already have the race in your legs.

Pr on short stuff - training indoors
Pr for average power over multiple hours- zwift
Pr for normalized power over multiple hours - races

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