Should powermatch be on or off with elite zumo?

I have a elite zumo trainer which has what’s called “power meter link” whereby the trainer links directly to the power meter and uses the power meter watts instead of it’s own internal watts.

My question is… when doing a TR session should powermatch be on in the app or turned off?

I’m totally confused.


Hey Harry,

If you have the PML properly set up within the Elite App, then you will not need to enable PowerMatch.

Power Meter Link does the exact same thing as PowerMatch, but instead it is built right into the trainer rather than using software as a middleman. In theory, this should allow it to work more effectively, but since we have not tested this feature in house, we cannot comment on how well it works.

If the Power Meter Link performance is sub-optimal, you can always try using PowerMatch instead to see if it gives you a better experience. To set up PowerMatch, all you need to do is:

  1. Disable PowerMaterLink PML)
  2. Pair your trainer and your power meter in the TrainerRoad Devices Tab
  3. Enable PowerMatch

I hope this clears up any confusion :+1:.


Thanks @Bryce I’ll turn off powermatch for tomorrow’s ride and see how it goes. My only worry is that tomorrow’s ride is a ramp test.

I would recommend giving it a test run before jumping straight into a Ramp test, just to make sure that everything is working as it should. If you have Power Meter Link enabled in the Elite app, it should be fine, but it would be a bummer to compelte a Ramp test with an inaccurate power reading.

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I’ll be sure to do that Bryce - thanks

I’m assuming that if you use elites power meter link that trainerroad will report the zumo as being the power source even though it’s actually the external power meter doing the measurement?

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Yes as theres no need to pair your pm to TR.

Is that because the PM is paired to the Trainer when using PowerMeterLink?

Im wondering if PML can “free up” the PM so I could pair it with the Apple TV.

Yes. The power meter is connected directly to the zumo when pml is on.


I just picked up the Elite Nero which also uses PML. My question is how/where can I see what power meter is paired? I have a couple of on bike power meters in my garage and it’s entirely unclear on the Nero whether there is a power meter paired and if so, which one. The Nero documentation basically says “it will happen automagically, just make sure all other power meters are powered off or moved far away…” not super helpful… thanks!

I picked up an Elite Suito a few weeks ago and have been messing around with settings. I expected PML to be more responsive than Power Match, however my fairly unscientific testing indicates otherwise. With PML it takes an average of 5 seconds to ramp the power up for intervals. With PML off and Power Match on, it takes an average of 2 seconds. This is based on zooming in on multiple intervals over multiple workouts. Also, PML makes zeroing your power meter a bit of a pain in the neck. You have to activate your power meter without activating the trainer, so they don’t link. Then use an app to zero the power meter, exit the app, disconnect bluetooth from the power meter, and then turn the trainer on to allow it to connect with the power meter. Then you can finally start TrainerRoad and ride. Also, the cadence from my power meter is far more accurate than the jumpy cadence from the Suito, which is all you get if you have PML on. I should mention, my power meter is a single sided 4iiii crank based.

I’m more than happy with the trainerroad powermatch performance with my zumo/assioma combo so not even got round to trying PML yet.

I’ve mentioned before that what I find disconcerting about the PML feature is that you are not 100% sure where the power reading is coming from - is it the power meter as you think or has something gone wrong and its the trainer?

I found that Elite’s PML was too laggy when I upped the cadence. After comparing it to my 2 power meters I contacted Elite and they said it was to be expected.

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I found it to be absolutely pants and switched it off

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I use PML, its identical to the power meter now. No more lag than without.