BIke computer and power match


does any of bike computers (garmin, wahoo, hammerhead…) have power match functionality when works with trainer?

My Garmin Edge 820 doesn’t have it…

no that I know, powermatch is a TrainerRoad specific feature.

controlling a smart trainer is not the main goal of an bike GPS computer, so I guess it’s more then enough that they can read the power and push ERG targets.

For TR it’s more important to accomodate customers that want to train and race with the same PM source. (and TR is pretty unique in even recognizing this need).

How do you want to use this on your edge? load custom non TR workouts on your edge? because when you are using TR, you can better use TR for your workouts :wink: instead of your garmin (besides outside workouts of course)

Load custom TR workout or sometimes just set power and pedal :slight_smile:
But now if I connect PM and Trainer (Suito) and set power 200W
It shows target power 200W but ERG mode give me 190W so I’m doing less.
Problem is that the offset is not fixed and sometimes is 0 and sometimes is 20-30W…

Elite trainers have a PML (Power Meter Link) function, use their app to set this up. This will mean your trainer can then report power meter numbers into TR app or your Garmin.


I tried PML but I still had diff… but maybe because I connect PM to Garmin and I should connect Suito PM to Garmin (and use PM just for PML)

Yes, the Suito should be paired to the Garmin, not the PM.

When you say you had a difference, how are you seeing or recording that?

I set trainer power target to 200W, but resistance is 190W, and that gives me avg power of 190W and not 200W. And that offset is not always 10W… at 130W is 0, and at 300W is 30W…

related but not the same - Wahoo Kickr (wheel off) has a “Control with ANT+” feature that is equivalent to TR PowerMatch. However it is only officially supported when using the Wahoo app to record the ride.

I found the Suito with Elite’s power match to lag behind power meters at higher cadence. The Suito average would be circa 5w less than a power meter but would be significantly behind on intervals at higher cadence and often not even reach the value a pm would record. Instead the Suito would catch up a bit in the recovery by over reading there. I found the same with the Suito compared to other power meters too. I emailed Elite about it and did all their tests and in the end they just said it was normal for the Elite power match/ Suito to behave that way :thinking:

It doesn’t sound like PML is enabled then - that’s the difference in power curve of the trainer’s numbers.