Shorts vs leggings for aero

I occured to me that leggings would be more aero than shorts, especially if someone has hairy legs. Opinions?

Another alternative…cycling leg covers with shorts.

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I had the same thought too. I use bontrager sunscreen leggings at times mainly for this purpose.


they’re usually not aero enough and at the knee it catches more drag than i think we’d believe. My vote is for shorts, and please shave lol

Oh God, the thought of shaving my legs…Well, I ordered some lycra leg and arm covers for a combined cost of 6.83 USD…Worth trying…and if not…gulp, it’s time for Gillette Mach 1 :smiley:

Think the UCI rules require racers to wear shorts or skinsuit that stops above the knee. Plus there are rules on maximum sock length now. So the scientific answer is “probably” - aero material is more aero than skin, though the use case is a bit more complicated than with arms since you’d need to avoid bunching at the knee or constricting leg movement. But the retail answer is “maybe not” since the UCI rules mean that TTers and track riders aren’t in the market for aero leggings, so manufacturers aren’t going to bother about their aero properties.

Fastest UCI legal solution is shorts/suit that stops just above the knee, shaved legs, and some trip socks. I spent years refusing to shave my legs and then eventually caved in and never looked back, it’s not as bad as you’d think! Though would recommend using clippers on shortest setting instead of the Gillette, much quicker and easier to do, and less chance of ingrowing hairs.


If you do have hair on your legs make sure to get the white ones…

Thanks mate…The wife doesn’t like the idea though lol