Short Intervals outside vs inside (2-8 minutes) Any benefit doing inside?

What is the benefit of doing short Intervals outside vs inside (2-8 minute intervals) inside if the RPE is so much greater for the same watts?

Also my specific event I am targeting is a Fondu around these same hills which must also be even more beneficial no?

Love doing Z2 and longer Sweet Spot work inside on the trainer, as often times it is hard to find suitable terrain. But if you have a climb with no interruptions is there any benefit? I guess the rest intervals cannot usually be performed if you have to go back down the hill, but can these be modified for outdoor mode? @chad

There’s no difference in training adaptations assuming you’re hitting the target power both inside and outside.

Yes I understand that, my question is more, what if I am struggling to hit power numbers inside but can outside, isn’t it better to train outside? Unless of course one plans on racing on Zwift…

Same for me, when doing intervalls that require >135% i will do them outside if i can.