Compatible Shimano 140mm Rotors for my Gravel Setup?

Can anyone provide advice on cross compatibility for Shimano rotors? My gravel bike has Shimano SM-RT99-A-SS IceTech Disc Brake Rotor - Centerlock - 140mm. They’re quite below spec for thickness after 15k+. These are proving a bit hard to find. If I go with another 140mm center lock Shimano, such as the Ultegra, will they be compatible? I expect to need to open up the calipers and likely reposition the brakes themselves, but I just wonder about the distance from the center lock seating on the hub and the location of the rotor itself.

Many thanks for any advice from someone more knowledgeable.

Yes, though I would probably step up to 160mm rotors, personally.

You shouldn’t need to reposition the calipers, but you will need to spread the pistons open. Also check your pads, it might not be a bad time to get new pads while you’re at it.

You may have some rubbing issues, that may be due to a slightly warped disc. That’s fairly common, unfortunately.

If you need to recenter the caliper or have some rubbing “twang” as you spin the wheel, post back. Or google, would help too. It’s all pretty easy and relatively trivial.

Don’t forget to bed the brakes. After install, wipe down with rubbing alcohol and then do a handful of hard stops from 10+ mph.

This. A critical step.

Thanks for the reply. The pads are pretty fresh. I’ve been riding these 140s since new and never have had any braking problems…I’m not particularly heavy. My road bike has 160s, which is nice, though! I appreciate the tips.

This many times over, 160mm XTR finned rotors are about 10g more than 140mm Dura Ace, the cooling and power is much better. Totally non scientific but there is a GCN video on stopping distances.

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