Shimano pressfit BB92 alternative

I am having trouble finding a replacement bottom bracket for my Pivot LES (2018 V2) mountain bike. Pivot website lists BB as BB92 standard. Cranks are RaceFace Aeffect 24 mm spindle. LBS could not get a shimano BB92 until November. Is there an affordable alternative? I believe people use a shimano BB86 (road BB version), but couldn’t find clear proof online. Not looking to spend $150 on a BB so was hoping there was some shimano version available that would work… again saw numerous suggestion that new press fit ultegra and dura ace version may be substituted possible? Anyone know for sure?

Is this what you are looking for?

I believe the Shimano BB86 and BB92 bottom brackets are the same except for the middle spacer part. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to use a road BB if you keep the middle spacer from your current BB and re-use it. I think you could probably even just leave out that middle spacer completely, I think it’s only there to help keep things sealed and keep some gunk out.

This video shows the difference.

Alternatively, I’ve used the Wheels Manufacturing BB86/92 thread together bottom bracket on road and mountain bikes and like them a lot.


If this is a 92 bottom bracket housing there won’t be a spacer. MTBs come often with BB89.5 or BB92. The same bottom bracket will be used but you use a 2.5mm spacer with the 89.5 housing.

Yes, the road version BB86 could be used. The sleeve may not fit perfectly though when using it in a 92 housing. Not an issue with the threaded bottom brackets like from Wheels M. Furthermore, road bottom brackets often do not have as good as a sealing as for MTB. Less drag but less sealing. Not sure if this is the case with Shimano, too. I guess they don’t have dedicated cyclocross bottom brackets.

BB92 and a 24mm spindle is such a common standard, plenty of altenatives available. No need to go with Shimano.

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Thank you all for the responses. Several options…

Anyone know if this would work (Shimano XT BB-MT800-PA)? The price is real good $20

Would seem it would work, but the “smaller diameter bearing” line gave me pause, but since the ID is still 24 mm that means my cranks (race FAce Aeffect) would fit, correct?

Correct. That’ll work.

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yes, will fit. They just made the bearings slightly smaller to reduce weight. ID stayed the same. This is the current XT bottom bracket, can’t do anything wrong with this. This is the bottom bracket your LBS probably wanted to get.

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Does the new BB go in dry or is there a special lube/locker/carbon assembly paste/etc… That I should obtain when I order the new bottom bracket? Frame is Carbon interface is BB92. Thanks

Shimano does not mention the application of grease in the manual. However, I still use it. Most use grease. SRAM says use grease for a similar bottom bracket.

Bottom brackets made of aluminium sometimes need retaining compound (I think Loctite 630 or so).

So regular bike grease.

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