Shimano Dura Ace 9200 [speculation]

Since no one has mentioned it here yet, I thought I’d update the thread with the new rear derailleur manual. It can be found on FCC sites, but feel free to use my link:

Main points:

  • Charge port in the rear derailleur
  • LED in the RD
  • Button on the RD
  • EW-SD300 type wire port (to connect to the battery, BT-DN300)
  • Charging cable looks like that of the FC-R9100-P power meter
  • No more Junction A, that’s all part of the rear derailleur now

Also, it transmits ‘Dual Control Lever battery status’ over BluetoothLE/ANT, suggesting that the levers have batteries in them.
(people on WW suggested self-charging levers, but I have no idea really)

For my take on it, visit DURA-ACE R9250 semi-wireless Rear Derailleur Manual published


What do you think the 3rd port of the new battery can connect to? It seems to be redundant given that shifters have enough of ports to connect with additional satellite/sprint shifter. Or it provides somewhat backward compatibility?

wireless dropper and/or lockout for MTB :slight_smile:

Since this hasn’t been posted here yet, on the page for a new Cube:


yep same brakes as those used in MTB…let’s see what gear combos they come up with…
slightly OT: it’s beyond me how heavy these new road bikes are… :exploding_head:

Same rotors - the calipers are rumoured to be different (newer/better/whatever you like) though :slight_smile:

Heard today that Shimano is planning on releasing Ultegra very shortly after the new DA stuff launches…potentially within months (or less).

Also, no mention of mechanical stuff anywhere, but rim brakes still available for DA.

I am somewhat dubious still, but my source has definitely seen some inside details…we’ll see how it plays out.

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trickle down electronics to 105?
Will the current Ultegra Di2 will become the new 105s?

I don’t know the full details, but he did indicate a 105 Di2 was in the works…timing and spec unknown at this point.


Good thing I just bought an Ultegra Di2 bike…might as well throw it in the garbage heap :crazy_face:


How quickly does XTR follow the DA release?

No, don’t do that…bad for the environment. But yes, you need to unload it immediately.

I’ll DM you my address…send it to me and I will attend to the problem so you don’t have to worry about it.

(I’m very helpful like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I don’t think there’s any particular link between XTR and DA. 12 speed XTR came out in 2018.

Oh right. I assumed the updated DI2 would hopefully carry across to XTR DI2 (and hopefully trickle down to XT).

It will be useless indeed once new DI2 comes out. Might as well ride a penny farthing :joy:


German Tour Magazine wrote about the new Cube Bikes that where just launched and stated, that new Dura Ace Di2 AND Ultegra Di2 will be releaset on Sept 1st.

On Cube´s Website you can also see that NDA will be endet on Aug 31st

So - waiting has come to an end. New semi wireless Di2 will be introduced very shortly.

My guess: it won´t be available before April 2022 :wink:


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New Bianchi 2022 models also indicate there will be 12s Dura ace di2 and Ultegra di2


The big unanswered question: did Shimano redesign the crank configuration so that dual side power meters (including its own) are actually accurate?


I doubt it, but I’m happy to be proven wrong.

The bigger question… will these parts be readily available and in stock?