Settings to make my Stages SB20 more responsive in ERG mode? Takes 10, 15 or more seconds to get on target

I’ve played with cadence so much it doesn’t make a material difference on my bike. Overall I like the SB20, it’s so quiet and smooth. But man I hate the fact it takes me 15 seconds on average to get on power.

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@Donoman I have the Stages app open at the same time and it produces an audible click when changing gears - I find it loud enough to hear anyway

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I’m enjoying the SB20 in resistance mode, but the shifting is quite slow especially for short sprint workouts.

And the thing is super laggy for Zwift racing. Forget it.

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I have the SB20. It does lag a bit more than my TACX neo. However, a few notes that may help:

  1. the trainer ramps down a bit more slowly too from a results stand point it means you’re still doing the work. From an ocd perspective it will feel annoying.
  2. many people/coaches recommend resistance mode for interval of 30 seconds or less regardless of the trainer. These intervals work energy systems/skills that are better imitated by jumping on the power.
  3. there has been discussion that many trainers internally smooth the power data and the SB20 does not which makes it look like the power is more unstable.

There is a fairly active Facebook group dedicated to the SB20.

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I recently switched from a Tacx Neo 2 trainer to a SB20 and I noticed the really slow response time tonight when I was doing 30/30 VO2 max intervals in ERG mode.

Was taking nearly 15 seconds before it reached target wattage.

The Neo 2 took a couple of seconds.

On intervals 60sec or shorter I don’t think you can use ERG with the SB20. On longer intervals it seems ok because you have more time to hit target power. So I just take it out of ERG when doing short snappy intervals.