New to TR with Stages SB20

Hi, new to the Forum and TR…just got a Stages SB20 bike…so far so good!!..still not exactly sure of some of the settings with TR app…been using Wahoo Systm and it was pretty simple but I feel like I’m missing something…I don’t do a ton of ERG stuff…but will probably do more on TR, any help with basic configuration–quick and easy version would be awesome!!, thanks

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For recommended settings, see the Stages support article

And by the way, Google is your friend :thinking: :upside_down_face:


You don’t have to use ERG with TrainerRoad. You can disable it, if that’s more to your liking. You just need to shift and hit the power targets.

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I use erg for longer steady efforts, but anything that has quick changes I disable it because the sb20 is very slow to respond and get the proper resistance dialed in.


How slow is slow?

Call it 10 seconds before it settles in at the right resistance.

That’s about what my elite direto does which is really my primary complaint with it