Set zones to mFTP (TTE) or 20 Minute Protocol

I’m an old dog and have been using power since 2007. Just started training January 2nd for the 2020 season with a framework around SST.

I’m at the end of a little block of about 600TSS and decided to do an impromptu 20 minute test on my TT bike semi fatigued just to see what I could do. I did 316W for 20 minutes. Downloaded the data into WKO+ and geeked out on the FTP contribution to TTE chart. TTE is only 36 minutes and about 30W lower than todays FTP with 97% aerobic contribution and about 3% anaerobic…FRC=8W. At 20 minutes aerobic/anaerobic is 95%/5% and FRC is 15W.

I’ve always set zones to the 20 minute protocol number (300W) but, wondering if any downside or upside to setting zones with mFTP (270W)?

What your phenotype? And do you have any significant efforts in the 35-45 minute range?

Sprinter. Not much. Just SST intervals between 10 and 20 minutes and 7 crit races around 1 hour each.
Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 6.09.37 PM

What’s the highest NP from those crits?

Which is exactly why I thought zones to mFTP. But, I honestly don’t know. I seem to be responding well to the SST so far.

I’m literally running out the door to ride a Tuesday nighter. I’ll verify but, no more than 320W. But more than 300…

edit: that’s 20 min. Looks like 290-ish for 1 hours

I looked at your history and given what I’m seeing, ~270 is probably a better option. It’s better to be a bit low than a bit high.

Given your phenotype, I’d go with whatever number you think you could ride steady state for at least ~50 minutes.

Or check out the “best times for informal testing” chart in WKO4 or the “Power Duration Model” dashboard in WKO5

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